Work With Us


Renn Ventures is distinguished by its ability to contribute more than just capital. Building disruptive companies require a partner who can help accelerate growth and development through targeted programs that focus on making a real impact where you need it most.

For VCs

  • Industry research
  • Sector-based, theme-driven deal sourcing
  • SaaS Data Solution
    • Secure and robust document repository with full e-mail alert capability
    • Over 100 data points to facilitate projections, debt and valuation analysis
    • Ability to drill down into full portfolio company details
    • Enables content export for incorporation within internal risk and evaluation tools
  • Company evaluation and sector research on request

For Institutions

  • Industry research
  • Build customized portfolios
  • Primary investments
  • Secondaries shares
  • Co-Investment
  • Proprietary deal flow and allocations.

For Hedge Funds

  • Industry research
  • Custom-tailors a portfolio designed to meet an investor’s specific risk profile and return objectives
  • Rigorous Due Diligence
  • Manages fundamental and quantitative strategies across multi-strategy and single-strategy hedge funds, public credit and daily liquidity vehicles
  • Credit Suisse

For Startups

  • Business consulting
  • Fundraising consulting
  • Sell-side/Buy-side

For Founders

  • Coaching
  • Business consulting
  • Network building

Market Research

  • Synthesized reports
  • Ad-hoc research
  • Industry/sector research
  • Network database

For Banks

  • Disciplined credit review process
  • Developing creative, value-additive solutions to address a corporation’s capital structure requirements
  • Diversification
  • Synergy
  • Capital Preservation

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